Poodle mix
around 3 years old

Sonrisa, (we call her Sony) is is a 4 lb poodle mix. She was rescued  from Rancho Cucamonga. She has some kind of deformity with her mouth  specifically her lips. We are still figuring out what exactly is the  cause.

Whether it was congenital or an injury. she is being treated for  infection. She can’t close her lips. So it looks like she has a  permanent smile. Or snarl. Depending on how you look at it! I like to  say it’s a smile.

She is a sweet girl. She is doing great with other dogs in the foster  home. Potty training is good. She needs to gently have her mouth cleaned  because it tends to get crusty. It can be tender also.

She is a 3 year old dog who has a long life to live.

Thank you for considering to foster or adopt a Hospice or Special needs dog with Wonder Dog Rescue. Many of these dogs live fairly normal lives, with the addition of daily medications. Others take a bit more effort if a dog has special dietary needs or needs to go out to potty more often. The reward is the love that these incredible beings give so freely to you. Once smitten, you will be deeply touched!

As a thank you for choosing to adopt a Wonder dog who is hospice or has special needs, Wonder Dog Rescue will provide lifelong support for your dog by covering his/her costs for medical care. Details regarding this coverage will be provided during the adoption process.