Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix
3 Years
In Progress
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Update March 20 from Stinson's foster parent:

STINSON practically invented Social Distancing! If you've wanted a dog, but feel bad that you can't offer them enough adventures, Stinson is the guy for you. He is an indoor dog, and likely to stay that way. After being abandoned, Stinson has a hard time trusting people (who could blame him?) and is afraid of strangers, and the outdoors. He likes being in the same room as you, but needs to really trust you to allow you to pet him, which makes it all the more special when he does.

Stinson is fairly quiet -- he barks for a bit when I leave, but is able to calm down after a few minutes. He is fully pee-pad trained. He gets along wonderfully with my other foster dog, and would probably prefer to have another dog to chill out with. He likes to chew things -- and will steal your socks -- but can easily be directed to a chew toy instead. After the first week of sleeping under my bed, he now sleeps on the bed with me, very politely.

He might be able to learn how to go outside, especially if he can be off-leash in a safe area. Or he may just choose to stay inside for good. Either way, he needs a calm, quiet home with one or two homebody types who will give him a little space and time to show his sweet and loving side. He is about 18 pounds and is probably a Chihuahua (?) mix.

Who could be sweeter than little Stinson!

Stinson is a beautiful, young Chiweenie who is looking for a new place to call home. You can find Stinson cuddling close to his foster mom and looking for other dogs to play with.

Stinson was left abandoned in a home in San Francisco when his previous owners moved out of the country. The new buyer was coming to the house every day to feed him for 4 months. The new owner did not know about Animal Care and Control.

When Stinson was in the shelter, he was extremely shut down but with love has slowly opened up!