Chihuahua mix
13 years old
Tammy is 13 years old and is a lovely older dog. She only took 2 weeks to settle into our households routine. She walks well on a leash and loves her walks. She is quite spry and steps out at a good pace on her walks. We have had her on fairly long walks, if she gets tired, she turns around, puts her front paws on our legs asking to be carried, it's very cute. She likes to sleep on the bed under the covers next to her human. She knows her name and does respond to commands like, "let's go outside and go potty" or "Tammy, come here". She is house trained but cannot make it through a long day. She has consistently used the bath mat in front of the toilet when she can't make it the whole day while we are at work. There are some issues, she is a chihauhau mix and has some of the chihuahua personality traits, like not wanting to share her human. But she does respond to correction. She is leery of new people and will bark at them. But she warms up quickly once she knows she is safe. We have had a little bit of resource guarding with food, but she just barks if the other dogs get too interested. She will also bark if she thinks the other dogs are going to step on her. Now for the big issue, she will not eat dog food and her intake report stated she ate table scraps. Currently we feed her a mix of boiled chicken, scrambled eggs, steamed diced up vegetables and brown rice, equal parts of each. We tried chicken liver and she would not touch it. Blood work showed some issues with her liver so she is on liver support medication. She has a minor heart murmur due to age.