Tulip (from China)

French Bull Dog
3 years old
Working on it!
not really
maybe older kids, definitely not young children

Meet Tulip. She is one of the 15 dogs rescued from China!

Tulip  is 3 years old. She is a sweet dog who enjoys love and  attention from her foster mom. Tulip does not care for big crowds. She  prefers to be the center of attention. She would not enjoy a dog park.  She likes the calm, quiet type of lifestyle. She would do better without  young children. Tulip would be at her best in an adult only but could  still be fine with older kids. 

All the dogs from China need help with leash manners. Potty training is almost  there.  Coming from a situation where you live outside it becomes difficult to  differentiate between inside and outside.

She should have ongoing training management with her new family, especially  given her excitability around others. If you are looking for a calm quiet type Tulip is your girl!!

Please note: Adoption fees for dogs rescued from China are $2000.

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