Boston Terrier
3 Years Old
Willie is considered special needs, as he has skin allergies that will require constant vigilance and possible future treatments. He is currently on a special food diet that is expensive but seems to be working. Update April 27 from his foster parent: Willie is a sweet, fun and mischievous boy. He has lots of typical Boston traits. He loves to go out and about and having a ball in his mouth or in your pocket is a good idea. He is good on leash and he is pretty darn good off-leash in a park setting - he runs around but he does check back in with his foster. No doubt once he is settled - he can be trusted in an unfenced park area. He can get dominant if a new dog comes around in the park or a dog is fetching a ball and Willie doesn't have one.....it's pretty easy to manage. He gets on well with the other pups in his foster home - a couple of big, younger dogs and couple of blind seniors - so he is fine with dogs he knows. He's a little guy but he thinks he is big. He will sleep with his neck on your neck and he will lie next to you if you are working on your computer. He is house-trained but there might be a slight adjustment to a new schedule - he has been absolutely perfect in his foster home. He needs a few good outings a day or he will let you know he is bored by imploring you to play with him, so please think about this - he needs to run and play to be a good pup in your life!