Wishbone and Bailey

Terrier Mixes
Older kids

NOTE: They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. They are both the sweetest and really attached to each other and they need lots of time and attention from humans. They love long walks and long naps especially if you take a nap with them. They will wait for each other when walking and look for each other if they are in different rooms. Wishbone can be a little bit nervous and protective of Bailey but just needs a little bit of reassurance and attention and it will be fine. Bailey needs the scratches and will look for your attention and Wishbone will follow her on that. They are nice to other dogs and new people but seem not to like cats. They are well leash and potty trained and prefer sleeping on the bed with us but also take naps on their own bed.

Bailey has improved so much after her surgery and dental. She is a really sweet and cuddly girl that loves belly rubs. She is a little bit delicate but she can be very playful, energetic and adventerous on walks. Wishbone is a lovely little man that likes to be next to you wherever you go. He can be a little protective of Bailey at the beginning but he just needs reassurance and trust. He is full of energy and benefits from 2 or more walks a day or an outdoors space. They both love going on hikes and exploring new places but also enjoy taking naps all day especially if its next to someone else. They don't do so well when left alone at home so would do great with someone that works from home or can provide a lot of company. They do well with other dogs but they can get overexcited and sometimes feisty with some dogs. They dont mind being carried around but they can get nervous so they do better with older kids (10+). They've got very agreeable personalities, just can demand a lot of attention and human company.