Chihuahua Mix
2-3 years old

Aoki is a bit of contrast - he seems nervous but then can be funny and bold.


Aoki plays with other pups in home, in dog park...not all the time but some. Will tango with dogs in the park or in his foster home....and in the next minute bark at those he had engaged in play. His bark can be piercing as if to say - I'm done with you and stay away!


He LOVES walking and going out and will be cat-like in your house watching you from across the room or just sit by the window in the sun. 


Infrequently, he can bark and snarl for no reason. This is happening less and less as he has been in his foster home and his personality is coming out and his confidence is soaring.


He is very happy on leash. He does well in dog parks checking out the myriad of pups, on his terms. 


He reveals a little bit of his personality each day!

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