Bella AKA Mama

Breed: Chihuahua/Terrier mix
Sex: Feale
Age: 2 years old
Housebroken: Yes/Terrier mix



Mamma (AKA Bella) is an adorable, friendly, energetic chihuahua terrier mix. She’s got lots of love to give and is ready to brighten up your home.  Mamma was renamed from Bella by her foster home because just spent the last few months tending to her puppies - the Hamilton Litter!  All of her 7 puppies survived - a huge accomplishment for a tiny 15 pound dog!  


Mamma is very friendly and playful.  She would be great with kids, seniors, and other dogs. She doesn’t need any special care. She’s just getting used to walks with a leash, but is a fast learner. After all of that time in the puppy pen, she’s building up her strength.  She’s potty trained, with current access to an open yard.  She has had an accident or two when she was briefly left alone, and as she got used to life outside of the puppy pen. Bella is ready to make your home complete!