Breed: Pomeranian mix
Sex: Male
Age:  1.5 years old
Housebroken: Yes



Benny comes off as polite and shy, but as he has gotten comfy in his foster family's home and routine, he is gaining confidence and becoming quite the sweet clown.


He is gentle and affectionate. He plays a lot with Eric (another Wonder dog available now!) - they dance around and cuddle in exhaustion!


Benny is great on leash and loves when he sees you grab the leash. If you are just relaxing - he's fine with that too. He is not pushy or aggressive - he's just happy to be with you whether working out or hanging at the house.


He is shy in a busy dog park situation and will stay with you looking for calm in the dog park storm.  He will be shy with you, initially, but he warms up in a few days.


He does like to get under your covers at night, fyi.

If you would like to meet Benny, please send us an email or fill out the adoption application.