Breed: Boston Terrier / Frenchie Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 5 years old
Housebroken: In progress/ Frenchie Mix


Bertha is a 5 year old Boston Terrier-Frenchie mix who weighs close to 30 lbs. She's learning her housebreaking, and does great with a structured schedule. Here's what her foster mom  has to say about her:


-Not ok with other dogs


- Might be ok with cats that don't need attention (Bertha gets jealous)

-Good on walks alone, but not ok around new people and pets. 


-Loves her food!! Bertha needs to be on a feeding schedule or she will eat endlessly. (no free feeding)


 -She would really like a calm home where she can relax, lie in the sun and get lots of belly rubs. She loves to play with her toys but does not want to share her toys or love with another animal. 


 -We feel she will thrive in single dog household without small children (she's not always comfortable with kids and she eats small toys and is constantly looking for little things on the floor to choke on)


-She can be reactive if she is overstimulated when meeting new dogs and people, and does best with easy & slow introductions. She needs structured supervision when meeting new people and animals (she will snap, and has). This otherwise sweet mushy girl has surprised us with some of her reactions (even with women).


-She is a typical bulldog, very stubborn, but with regular reminders she is learning the rules of our home. She knows sit and is getting better at stay. She's quickly learned to potty outside but will have accidents if left alone outside of her crate. 


-Bertha will sleep in a dog bed in her crate, and would happily share your bed or sofa should you let her. She loves her crate, and loves to be by your side when she's not napping. She's fun and playful with her people, but just does not want to share you. Bertha melts my heart, I think she will do best as a companion for someone who has time at home with her to spoil her and treat her like a little princess. She will most certainly return the love. 

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