Breed: Chinese Crested/Dachsund mix
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old
Housebroken: Yes/Dachsund mix



Bob Black is a Chinese Crested Dachshund Mix.  He is a gentle spunky soul with a unique look.  This little cuddle bug is a fantastic companion.  He loves to curl up next people & adores rubs on his hairless neck & tummy.  He really enjoys the company of other dogs, but can get excitable when other dogs are on a leash.  Bob would be great with another dog in the house.  He is pretty good on a leash but still working on his stride.  He is superstar at going potty outside, if taken out a few times a day. Bob is smart, slightly stubborn, curious, confident, & quirky.  He is small and can be taken out on errands, loves car rides, going shopping, even riding Bart.  Bob is a best friend type of dog who craves closeness with his humans.  He is a real tenderoni who will keep a smile on your face.