Browney - UPDATE

Breed: Chihuahua mix
Sex: Male
Age: 10 years old
Housebroken: In progress

6/27 update:  the vet has diagnosed Browney with Lymphoma carcinoma, a type of cancer. His wonderful foster home will keep him happy and comfortable for as long as possible.


Browney is a lovely old gentleman. He was kept outdoors for a year so we are reinforcing his house training. He gets along well with dogs, walks well on a leash, loves getting affection and follows us around the house. 


Browney is also an affection hound and loves being back in a home, on the couch and crawling onto a lap.

From his foster parents, May 2017: 

Browney is finally healthy, sinus infection and bronchitis are gone and his mouth is healed after having 13 teeth removed. Plus he was neutered.


He is a very affectionate little dog, truly a little love bug.  And he gets along well with our dogs.  He is frisky for an old guy, loves his walks and is starting to play with toys.  But he is not without issues. 


He is sight and hearing impaired. While he has some sight, I have seen him stumble through food bowls or down a step, so he does need assistance from his peeps to keep him safe (no stairs). He hears sharp noises and has learned to come to finger snaps. 


He was never house trained and at 13 years old, we aren't seeing much progress. We get him out a half dozen times a day to take care of his needs, but he doesn't seem to be able to hold his bladder.  If he feels the need to go, he just goes.  He can't make it all night and he definitely can't make it all day. So we are using 12 hr Huggies diapers (size 3) and wrapping them on him sideways to ensure he does not tinkle all over everything when we are away or asleep. He does crate well at night, no whining. But the diaper will be wet in the morning. Because he cannot make it all day without a pee and a poo, we do not crate him but rather keep him in our master bathroom during the day, with a diaper wrap and with beds and rugs and then clean up any mess when we get home. 


We think his back is arthritic because we have to be very gentle picking him up or he cries out. Also, he fidgets and seems to not be able to get comfortable when he beds down (another reason for the crate instead of in bed with us.) He was good with our grandchildren after we taught them not to pick him up.


He failed his behavior because he snapped at the shelter workers. We have found that he throws bite fakes to warn you off, but he has never connected on them. And now that he has very few teeth, it doesn't matter much. The vet also states that he has likely never been confined so does not like it when he is held still (like when you are putting a male wrap on him).


He is going to take a special adopter who is saavy with elderly dogs.