Breed: Shepard mix
Sex: Female
Age: 6 years old
Housebroken: Yes

Molly is available through


Hello – My name is Miss Molly and they say I know my story best so here goes.


I am or was what you call a stray who was found in Esparto and brought into rescue after a high profile Facebook campaign brought attention to me- I am lucky to have been rescued and guess what I now have two rescues helping me find a home, one being ShepHeroes and the other being Wonder Dog Rescue.


So, a little about me- they say I am very petite, pretty and white. I weigh only 46 pounds but they say I need to gain at least 10 more pounds so I can be healthy and look my best. I am about 6 years old which you know means I am still full of pep and of course love.


I am still recovering from perianal fistula which is an infection in my back end and since no one was paying attention to me, it got worse. Still, it’s getting better and when I am checked again in two weeks, the doctors will decide if I just need some topical medication going forward.


I love a lot of things, including, my crate and food. I am pretty easy going, sleep through the night and when I wake up I am ready for a good walk or run as I love to be on the move- No time to sniff or stop as I like to go, go, go. Still when it’s time to go home, I am all for lots of loves and will nudge your hand or leg as I walk close to you. Once settled in, I enjoy belly rubs, pets and I love to snuggle.


I would do best with someone who knows a little about my breed and I could use a refresher course in basic obedience- (sometimes I pull on the leash). As you can see, I am a gem of a girl and hope after reading this and looking at my picture, you think I might be a fit for you. The lady that is writing this said she would take me home in a pinch but she already has a white one like me at her house, so that’s good news for you. Right?

If you would like more information on Molly or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.