Dachshund mix
1-2 years old

Eric is a 1-2-year-old dachshund mix. He is active, loves chasing balls in the dog park, running with other dogs, and loves stuffed animals. At night, Eric loves to cuddle underneath the covers and most mornings would rest his head on your neck or shoulder for some morning attention. It is very cute.


Around the house, Eric can be active if there are other dogs that love to play, or if the foster parent is playing with him. When alone, Eric runs back and forth with his toys, plays with his stuffed animal or ball and then falls asleep. If there are blankets around, you might find Eric underneath them.


Most of the time, Eric follows his foster mum or hangs out in the room she is in. At times, he wants to play when she is getting ready.


In the car, Eric likes to be on your lap by the window with a ball in his mouth. If there are other dogs in the car, and you are driving, Eric might try to get on your lap. He is disciplined when alone and sits nicely in the passenger seat.  


On leash, Eric is great. Eric can be shy around people but warms up eventually, and responds well to his name. 


Bottom line, he is very cute and deserves a great home. 


If you would like to meet Eric, please send us an email or fill out the adoption application.