Breed: Australian Shepard mix
Sex: Male
Age: 1.5 year old
Housebroken: Yes

Gris is a tripawed australian shepherd mix. He is very typical of the breed when not properly socialized.  He can be territorial and hand shy. At times he can be snappy.  He has a lot of young dog energy - don't let his three legs fool you - he very much needs an active home. 


Please read below, and if you are interested in him please respond with information on your experience in dog training, behavior and socializing.  Thanks!


What he's working on with the trainer: Muzzle training, check. He wears his muzzle like a champ. Socialization, we are working on his behavior both when we meet people on the street and when guests come into my home. Resource guarding: he now is comfortable chewing on bones with other dogs and I can take anything away from him, regardless of the object's perceived value. He's also learning people are good and trustworthy-- something his past doesn't seem to have taught him. 


His ideal home: A calm and active home with an experienced dog owner where he can continue to learn the lessons he needs to learn to be a successful dog. He is crate trained. He would be a lot of fun to do competitive obedience with. He is extremely food and toy motivated. No kids. No cats. He loves other dogs and would thrive in an environment where he could learn from a confident, well balanced dog a year or two older than him. He does well with both male and female dogs.