Breed: Maltese mix
Sex: Male
Age: 6 years old
Housebroken: Yes



5/29 FOSTER FAMILY UPDATE:  Lion is doing really good in his foster home.    He has no problems with the resident dogs, and is loving toward his people.  He's fine during the day when they’re at work and shows no signs of bolting out the door.   He does pretty well at the dog parks and dog beach.   He’s obsessed with his ball and so he gets obsessed with other dogs playing with their balls.   


Lion becomes frightened and quickly overstimulated in the presence of large dogs.    Because of this we feel strongly that he'll do best as a solo animal or in a home with another small dog or cat.    He's pretty well house broken, and really sweet and loving too.    Lion likes for you to brush him, clean out his eye gook and do whatever grooming you need to do.     


He loves his walks and always does his business on them.  He will bond with anyone who loves him. He will nip a person if he is extremely agitated, and his foster family is working with him on this. His bite is very soft and more a warning.  Because of this, we don't recommend that he be in a home with small children.  

Leo the Lion is looking for his forever home.   Leo had a rough time of it up until now.  Found as a stray in San Jose, his coat matted, teeth worn down and spirit broken in the shelter.   Wonder Dog swooped in and this boy has blossomed in foster.   He still can react when approached swiftly so an adult family is preferred.  He probably would do well with a dog savvy tweenager.  He has a spot he doesn’t like touched and can be sensitive to feet coming near him.  As his confidence is growing and he is exoeriencing love, he seems to be settling down.  


He loves to run around with a ball in his mouth, go for walks and cuddle with you.  We had a few accidents when he first came in to the home but seems to be totally housebroken now and uses the dog door.  We are a working household so he is left alone with our two dogs during the day.  When he is in the room where we can watch him with our Nest camera, he seems calm and mostly sleeps during the day.  There doesn’t seem to be an separation anxiety.  He didn’t like the crate so we haven’t pushed that training.  He sleeps on our bed in a dog bed at the foot and stays in one place all night until I wake him up. He did fine at the dog park with other dogs and loved running around.  Has not been cat tested although we pass our neighborhood cat on nightly walks and he seems interested but not obsessed.