aka Sir Naps A Lot

Breed: Dachshund Mix
Sex: Male
Age:  3 years old
Housebroken: In progress


Niko is a gentle and kind boy who just wants love and affection. He is about 3 years old but acts like a puppy.  He loves to sunbathe and run with his floppy ears flapping away in the wind. He enjoys a good game of fetch and tug-a-war and is ready to find his chosen humxn. He is a very curious but calm boy slowly getting out of his comfort zone with public transportation. Niko is very low maintenance and is very calm and friendly around children and people. He needs to be with people who can give him the best head rubs and a good cuddle. He's always down for an adventure or a calm day at home. He is just ready to be your companion at any time, just make sure no cats are there. He is okay with fellow mellow dogs.

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