An Update on Phoebe
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An Update on Phoebe

From Phoebe’s new foster family: September, 2016

Phoebe is settling in. She adores my daughter and misses her when she’s gone, but doesn’t fuss. I’m OK as a surrogate until she gets home. She let’s her pet her, scratch her neck/ears, wipe her face, even filed her sharp dew claws. She loves to go up into my daughter’s lap and even accepts kisses.

My husband, was gone for the weekend and she was quite wary of him when he came back Sunday night. She doesn’t dash in her crate when he enters the room anymore, but she isn’t curious about him. I hope that’s just general shy/wary behavior and not that she’s scared of men.

She is doing quite well on the housebreaking. Only one set of mistakes and that’s when we realized what her cues seem to be. We still take her out proactively and reward when she goes, with accompanying voice cue.

Phoebe actually is doing quite well on leash; We have her now going down 5-6 houses to the end of our little street and back a few times a day, its low traffic, but even when the UPS truck went by us while in the driveway today she was just fine. We met up with a sweet neighbor who stopped to talk to us for a while today and after about 10 mins of patience, Phoebe took a treat from the lady’s hand!

She sleeps through the night in her crate at the foot of my daughter’s bed & has since night #1. Daytime, she’s not so happy about being closed in. We are really going for it with the crate training – all meals in the crate, training “go crate” with treats and clicker, and we were even able to put the door back on for daytime work today. I was able to close the door while she ate her dinner for a couple of minute while she was eating and she was fine & didn’t even bolt out the second I opened it… she just finished eating.

My daughter is getting her to play with a squeaky toy and a squeaky ball, but she still won’t do that with me. No resource guarding of any kind. Doesn’t seem interested in “chewies”: bully sticks, tendons, etc.

She is very sweet and the cat has decided not to eat her Actually, its been total non-issue.


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