Run in Peace, Sisi
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Run in Peace, Sisi

I received this information last night about one of our Hospice dogs who came into rescue with congestive heart failure. Derek and MaryAnn, we all send our tender regards. Thank YOU for giving her such a good home at the end.

From MaryAnn:

I wanted to let you know that we had to put Sisi (who we called Ava) to rest this evening. She had an episode similar to the one she had in February, but just couldn't beat it this time. We are heartbroken but at the same time so thankful to you for rescuing her and giving us the opportunity to spend these last nine months with her. She was a beautiful and fiercely loyal companion and we loved every single minute we spent with her. She was funny and playful and at the same time intense and dedicated. We have so many great photos and memories and learned so much from her. We are thankful she is at peace now and just hope we made her as happy as she made us. Thank you again for everything you do.

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