Rest in love, Poppa
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Rest in love, Poppa

On Sunday, May 17, Poppa spent most of the day strolling around the garden. He was often found snoozing away in the house, but this day he was out in the sunshine. Being out and about also meant that he caught the attention of volunteers, who couldn't resist taking a second to give Poppa a little scratch on the head or even longer moments of loving sweet talk and kisses. Poppa had just turned 16 years old ten days earlier. He had been with us about a year after being surrendered by a loving family who could no longer take care of him. The last months of Poppa's time with us were spent on Wonder Dog Rescue's new location, a 5-acre farm in Penngrove. The peaceful environment was wonderful for everyone, especially Poppa. When evening came, Poppa showed signs of a neurological breakdown, and Linda could see that he was not going to make it through the night. She lovingly helped Poppa rest in peace.

Poppa was part of Wonder Dog Rescue's Hospice program. He lived as one of our permanent residents and received ongoing palliative care. Your generous donations allow us to rescue dogs like Poppa and give them the special care they need. Poppa's final year was a loving one. We thank you. Poppa thanks you. Give a gift donation in memory of Poppa.

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