Breed: Border Collie mix
Sex: Female
Age:  2-3 years old
Housebroken: Yes


Rosie is a very shy girl and afraid of people. She was completely shut down when she first arrived, but eventually started acting as more and more like a normal dog in the house - though she was still afraid of going out of the house for the last couple months, until a few weeks ago.


She has gotten more confidant - started by going to the front door only a few steps, to walking to the neighbor next door,  to now, walking for more than 30 minutes daily. She is getting much better but sometimes she is still afraid when she hears a dog bark or people approaching her. 

She is a sweet girl that is house trained and is gets along well with the dogs in house. However, she doesn't know she is strong, and mouthy, too, when she gets excited. So she is not recommended to a family that has small kids or too small of dog. She needs to have a family that knows about border collies and will give her proper training to build up her confidence.