Nikki - Safe at Last!

October 28, 2016


At just two years old she landed in the Tracy shelter… in horrendous condition~ but her spirit was bright and undamaged by the abuse she had endured.


Her first trip to the vet for a check up and x-rays revealed that Sweet Nikki seemed to have just given birth to a litter recently but was still carrying one deceased puppy. Along with this her x-rays revealed that she was riddled with buck -shots (bullet fragments) and that her eye would need to be removed.


Shelter staff recognized that they would not be able to accommodate her needs and began doubling their efforts to find rescue… Her story caught the attention of two of our long term fosters and former adopters, Rick & Nancy Shears. Her story touched them deeply and they volunteered to foster her and see her through her surgeries and recovery. What they didn’t expect was to fall totally in love with Nikki. We are happy to share that Nikki has undergone all needed surgeries, is fully recovered and is a PERMANENT member of the Shears family.  Possibly for the first time in her young life Nikki will not have to live in fear of being harmed.