Chico: Rescue Story Day One

February 21, 2019

Day 1 Feb 13th


Today on lucky number 13th of February Kathy Freitas and I made the journey to Stockton Animal Shelter to rescue Eric & my soon to be foster. We arrive about 130pm. Was greeted by Jennifer and Dr. Stefanie Thielemann and meet a beautiful min pin which they called Bambi due to the way he hops and staggers around. 

I carried him to the car where Kathy held him for the two hr drive home. The bumps in the road frighten him but not car sickness. After about an hour he fell sound asleep. When we arrived home we let him roam freely on the grass in the yard and he was excited to smell our dogs scents and the grass. Boy did his little tail nob wiggle! Kathy carried him to the front door while i got a our 3 dogs All Wonder Dog rescues, (2 failed fosters) out in yard. This worked extremely well as they could get familiar with his scent too. Kathy entered x pen in family room with the foster that we discovered on car ride responds multiple ways to the name "Chico"! Then i let our 3 pups back inside to greet through x pen gate as saranique recommended. There was a little growling from foster "Chico" as all three smelled pen. A verbal correction and they calmed down. So everyone got rewarded with some Peanut Butter in a Kong. Which Chico loved! Guinness was ecstatic to meet him so we let him in first to x pen as Guinness loves all except cats! The greeting went well. So we let Guinness 25 # Boston Terrier and chihuahua mix out and Pee Wee a 10 # Rat Terrier & chihuahua mix in. Pee Wee seemed a little scared but Chico was curious and they politely smelled each other. Leia only wanted to steal treats and toys and didn't want to really meet Chico. Later after a few hours they smelled each other through x pen. We were very afraid of her reactions as Pee