Meet Gigi, Our First Pig Resident

Meet Gigi, Our First Pig Resident

February 13, 2020


Welcome our first farm animal, Gigi!!


Gigi is a Duroc pig. Raised by a family in a 4H program, she was considered a prized pig because her meat was considered valuable. When the time came to give her up, the young lady who raised her didn’t have the heart to take her to market.


Her first home was with Stacey who adopted her when she was 6 months old. "Everyone loved Gigi," Stacey tells us. "She was always very social and curious. She would greet our neighbors at the fence along the road, and our neighbors and visitors would always mention how much they loved her. She was extremely smart, too. "


We were fortunate to be connected with Stacey when we learned she needed to find Gigi a new home because she was moving. We welcomed Gigi with open arms. Already we have witnessed how intelligent, clever, and hilarious she is. We are  enamored by Gigi!