12 Hens Join Wonder Farm

12 Hens Join Wonder Farm

June 5, 2020


A few weeks earlier, we read the news that Animal Place, a farm sanctuary with locations in Grass Valley and Petaluma, rescued 1000 egg-laying hens from a farm factory in Iowa. We are huge fans and supporters of Animal Place and we followed the news closely. They reported that the rescued hens were badly neglected. A majority of them  had nails as long as 2 inches and combs on top of their heads that were overgrown. (See photo below.) Living indoors in metal cages without sunlight caused these conditions.


Animal Place announced that the hens were up for adoption. Right away, we signed up and requested to adopt 12 hens. We excitedly waited to hear back. When the news came that we were chosen as one of the lucky new homes, we celebrated and got our Wonder Dog van ready for an unprecedented rescue.


The Wonder Dog Rescue van has transported hundreds of dogs, but this would be the first time it would be filled with chickens!


Watch this video to see our van transport chickens on their freedom ride!




We welcomed the new ladies to Wonder Farm on May 30th. We were unsure how long it would be before they acclimated to the new environment. We learned that newly rescued hens may huddle closely together, and may not dust bathe or sleep on perches right away. Since the hens had spent the first 2 years of their lives confined in metal cages with several hens crammed into one enclosure, it is the life they had been accustomed to. It would take time for them to change their behaviors.


Please consider a donation to provide care, such as food and bedding. We also would like to construct nesting boxes, perches and more amenities for them.


Show your chicken love! We are grateful for your support.


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