Shadow the Feral Cat

Shadow the Feral Cat

June 23, 2020


A fellow animal rescue advocate named Rachel was looking for a safe place to re-home a feral cat named Shadow. This little cat was living in the garage of an apartment complex. Her caretakers had moved away, but they couldn't abandon her. Being feral, they knew Shadow wasn't going to understand why she had to leave too!


For her safety, her advocates searched for a new "home" for her. We heard about Shadow's story and thought Wonder Farm might just be the place for her.


After Rachel successfully trapped her, she was brought to Wonder Farm. Shadow stayed in a "catio" for 3 weeks to acclimate to the new surroundings. Her catio was in the barn which is also where our newly rescued hens live. Even though she was a city girl, it seemed like she was ok with the new smells and sounds of a farm!


She is feral, so she remained hiding in the catio. But there was evidence she was eating and using the litter box. We were relieved.


After three weeks, Rachel instructed us to leave open her catio door and let her be the free feral girl she is.


We continue to leave her food and call her name, to let her know she can always return to the barn for a place to eat and sleep.


Shadow's an independent spirit. We hope she knows that Wonder Farm welcomes her and hopes she chooses the farm as her safe haven.