Breed: Chihuahua
Sex: Male
Age: 13 years old
Housebroken: Yes


Meet Teddy!


Teddy's shelter info said he is 13, but you would never know it. He likes to play fetch and go for short walks, and he also loves to sleep in, and take naps. Teddy loves to he held and cuddled too!!


He enjoys visits to the dog park, and will sometimes chase everyone around and sniff all the other dogs, big and small.


He was surrendered by an elderly couple, they have had him since he was a puppy. The wife became ill so they had to let him go. He insists on sleeping under the covers at night (he had done this with his prior family and will cry if he cannot ). He is a great sleeper so his foster parents don’t mind at all. He is not much of a morning fella, but will reluctantly get up early if he has to. Once he goes potty and eats, he likes to nap for a few hours.


Since Teddy was in a home where someone was with him all day, he prefers having people around and will flourish in a similar environment. His foster parents do leave him home for a few hours a day at times with his foster siblings (3 dogs and a cat) and he does just fine.


He would probably do best in a home with another dog, he is more of a follower and will take their lead. He is great with kids, even little kids that know how to be gentle. Teddy's shelter notes said he was potty trained, and it took his fosters just a few days to re-train him at their home, and also teach him to use the dog door to come in and out on his own. Smart little guy!


Teddy is very sweet and got attached to his foster Dad really quickly and has to follow him EVERYWHERE!! He likes to sit in his lap when he works at his desk or watches TV too. He is a great little guy who also comes with FREE vacation boarding. His foster mom owns a pet care company and offers FREE boarding to all of her foster dogs. So when you travel he will have a place to go at no cost!

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