The Wonder Farm
Animal Sanctuary & Hospice
Home of Wonder Dog Rescue

We’ve got a wonderful new home!
The Wonder Farm, home of Wonder Dog Rescue, has a very comfortable house and plenty of outdoor space for all of the animals.

After almost three decades of rescuing special needs and hospice dogs in our home base of San Francisco, we relocated to a farm in Penngrove, CA (just outside of Petaluma). We call it the Wonder Farm. Along with rescuing dogs, we've added pigs, mini horses, chickens and a goat to our animal family.

The Wonder Farm is a residence for:

*Adoptable dogs are of various ages. They are healthy, and will be vaccinated, neutered and microchipped as part of the adoption process.


*Special Needs dogs are also of various ages, but often older. They still have wonderful quality of life, and are living with a physical or emotional deficit. Examples of special needs dogs could include those who are deaf or blind, have survived trauma, or who have an ailment which will eventually become more serious. For example, a dog with early heart disease can live several years before things take a turn, and they deserve a great home!


*Hospice dogs are those who are considered to have six months or less "time" to live. They still have quality of life, and have so much love to give. Hospice dogs may live with us at the sanctuary, and are also available as Fospice Dogs to experienced homes. We love giving these dogs the opportunity to have a wonderful end of life, with lots of treats, love and compassion. 


*Farm Animals! Blessed with a beautiful farm, we're expanding our rescue efforts to include farm animals in need of forever homes. Our wish it to provide sanctuary to animals rescued from factory farms or surrendered by their owners.

Donate Towards Wonder Farm

You can direct your donations to go towards the development of the Wonder Farm. Provide food and medical care for our farm residents, and to help with upkeep and expansion. We'd like to create more housing accommodations for the sanctuary animals.