11 years ols

Belle is a delightful tiny senior (approx 10 yrs of age) who had been  surrendered to a shelter for not eating and drinking. Well.... that  wasn't true! 

Belle does have luxating patella in a hind leg, and moves  slowly. But with her pain med and a lot of love, she has blossomed into a  delightful companion. Belle would like nothing more than to be with  you, and sleep on the bed. If you are busy, though, she will lie down on  a dog bed..... and wait!  Belle no longer plays with toys but loves treats!  She is quite content to go potty out in the yard. Belle might enjoy  walks, but I suspect that she prefers not to move around too much. Call  her a sweet, loving couch potato, a lap dog, and maybe you'll call her yours! Her medical needs are little more than taking one rimadyl daily. We want to find her a loving family... perhaps that is you?

Thank you for considering to foster or adopt a Hospice or Special needs dog with Wonder Dog Rescue. Many of these dogs live fairly normal lives, with the addition of daily medications. Others take a bit more effort if a dog has special dietary needs or needs to go out to potty more often. The reward is the love that these incredible beings give so freely to you. Once smitten, you will be deeply touched!

As a thank you for choosing to adopt a Wonder dog who is hospice or has special needs, Wonder Dog Rescue will provide lifelong support for your dog by covering his/her costs for medical care. Details regarding this coverage will be provided during the adoption process.