Adoption Information

Incoming dogs have a 7 day hold before adoptions to give us time for evaluation and to let the public see the dogs on our site and social media. We begin accepting applications at the end of the 7 day hold. If you are interested in a particular dog, please wait until the end of the hold period to submit your application. The foster home will also have an option to adopt the dog after the 7 day period has passed.  

We adopt dogs to homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Very few exceptions are made and we never ship dogs. We receive many wonderful applications from people in the Pacific Northwest, Canada and Southern California. The issue with long-distance placements is this: we have no reliable way of getting the dog back to us if the adoption falls through. For this reason we must refer these applicants to rescues in their respective areas.

People who foster a dog usually have the first option to adopt that animal. It’s a win-win situation! If you are considering a “trial run” before adopting please consider becoming a foster home with us!

We strongly recommend that any newly adopted dog be kept on leash in all unfenced areas until he or she has a well-developed RECALL. Many rescue dogs come from rural settings where they are accustomed to running freely. This kind of dog may simply want to take off until he is trained otherwise… Be wise, take your time, and give the dog time to settle in and learn.

Please email with any questions or suggestions!

Adoption Fees

Questions about adoption fees are often the first we hear when speaking with potential adopters. We’d love to take a moment to break it down for you! Adoption fees can vary, depending on medical issues, age, breed and medical condition of the dog. Special exceptions are made for senior dogs and for families with special circumstances. Donations above the fee amount are considered tax-deductible by law.


  • Puppies - Less than 1 year old $450

  • Adults - 1 to 6 years old $375

  • Seniors - 7 years and older $250



  • Pure Bred Dogs - Puppies and adults $500

  • Chihuahuas - Pure bred, mixes, puppies, adults, and seniors $200

Please speak with us if you have special financial needs.

If you are a Veteran please contact us about the Pets for Vets program.

Adoption fees cover medical needs which always include vaccinations and neutering.

Some of the other costs associated with rescue include:

  • Food, toys, treats, leashes, collars, sweaters, cleaning supplies

  • Grooming of dogs who are badly matted

  • Vet visits and medicine

  • Exceptional medical fees of certain dogs

  • Utilities – it costs a LOT to keep them warm in winter!

  • Telephone and Internet access

  • Insurance (auto and liability)

  • Bookkeeping (essential for a non-profit)

  • Laundry – we wash a lot of dog beds and blankets!

  • Transportation costs: gas, van maintenance, etc.

To this we must acknowledge the care of our hospice dogs. These sweet animals will probably never be adopted because of their age or physical condition. But they, too, have medical needs. Please know that your adoption fee goes to support the costs directly associated with your own dog as well as keeping our doors open to the many dogs we’ve helped. We cannot do it without your support, and we are so grateful to you for saving a life. In exchange, we offer you lifelong support. We encourage you to contact us with any questions about your dog’s medical, nutritional, or behavioral needs. We’re here to support the adoption in any way possible.

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