Breed: Australian Terrier mix
Sex: Female
Age: 1-2 years old
Housebroken: yes



Angelique is a Australian Terrier.  

Her story is that someone called in to ACC and said there was a dog abandoned in a parking lot.  They found her huddled in the corner on some garbage. The lot had multiple gaping holes in the fence and had been there for over 24 hours. ACC thinks that someone had deliberately left her there.  She was scared but came willingly and was happy to be petted.

She was so small they had to keep her in the puppy room at the shelter because the doors and equipment in the other pens are too big and she could have gotten hurt. 

Angelique didn't tolerate the shelter well. She was scared and hiding from people but she was happy to be out of the shelter and is thriving in her foster home.  She is having a little trouble with potty training indicating she may have lived outside.

Angelique is a tiny girl measuring in at 8 pounds. She is spayed and had all shots and a microchip.

Now she just needs a home!