Breed: Pug/pitbull mix
Sex: Female
Age:  3 years old
Housebroken: Yes/pitbull mix


Daisy is a 3 year old brindle pug/chihuahua/pit bull mix, approximately 20 lbs. Daisy is incredibly sweet and the definition of a lap dog - she loves cuddling with her parents and will curl up on your lab all day if you let her. Daisy has been brought on hikes, to the beach, to equestrian barns, to offices, and other high-interaction areas and handled them with grace. She loves playing fetch and running, but is generally low-energy and is content sleeping in the corner of a room for hours. Daisy seems to have some training (stay, come) but lacks other (sit, leash manners).

Daisy has never shown aggression. She is shy around new people and dogs. She would benefit from a new parent that can help build her confidence with new people. She can also be a bit clingy to her parent, although this is rapidly improving.

Daisy would be a great fit for a family or solo owner, and has handled her few interactions with children very well. She is a 20lb package of love and her puppy dog eyes will enamor anyone who meets her!

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