Breed: Terrier mix
Sex: Male
Age: 9 months old
Housebroken: Yes




Everyone likes calling Eddie our “Pony Boy”....quite simply, he resembles a small pony!  This 9 month old lad arrived in rescue from Los Banos. We are not sure what breed mix he is, but we *know*  he’s a super sweet love bug! He will be a wonderful family dog, as he loves people of all ages and is very gentle.


He is the perfect size dog at around 15lbs. And his fur is like microfiber very short and fine. (He is NOT hypo-allergenic). Eddie enjoys playing with other dogs as well as people,  giving kisses to everyone he meets. He is still getting used to walking on a leash, but when he’s out he really loves to walk and explore. 

If you would like more information on Eddie or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.