Breed: Terrier Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old
Housebroken: Yes


From Emma's foster parent:

Emma is a three year old terrier mix. The child in her family has developed allergies, and sadly the family needs to return this great dog!  Here is what the family has to say:  Emma gets along wonderfully with my moms two dogs and with any cats that will let her play with them. She does great with my 5 yr old son but does jump up when she’s excited so may not be good for baby/toddler homes.


She is house trained and will go on a pad if we have to leave her for a long day. She goes on walks and does fine on leash but does not stop at crosswalks. She does great at the dog park, she loves to wrestle and be chased! She does NOT do well off leash outside of a gated area. Her recall is not good because of her curiosity.


Emma's health is great.  Overall, she is a great dog. She has a LOT of energy and loves to play. She loves sleeping under the covers and will sit right next to me or my mom wherever we are around the house. 


Emma will make a wonderful companion for an active person as well as a family with children!

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