Breed: Chinese Crested/ Terrier mix
Sex: Male
Age: 1-2 years old
Housebroken: In progress/ Terrier mix



Ghost is one of four dogs rescued from a family home. His brothers Meemo and Bob are also available for adoption!  He is part hairless, and part long haired, really an unusual and very unique looking fella.  He is good with other dogs, great with people almost as soon as he meets them, and he is VERY playful!


Notes from his foster parent: 

Ghost  is really one of the sweetest pups, and melts into you like liquid, snuggling into your every curve and crevice. After fostering this little man, it makes total sense that the nickname for Chinese Cresteds are "velcro dogs".  It may take a couple minutes to get to know you, then he is snuggled up in your lap. He adores being pet, and will stretch out and roll over so you can pet all the places. Ghost has been sleeping with me in my bed and enjoys being under the covers pressed against me, whether the crook of my knee or right at my belly. When he first got to my house, he was shy, didn't show interest in toys and was afraid of walking on a leash, especially on the city streets. In just a couple of days, he became very curious and playful. I don't think he was ever on a leash before I got him, but he went from scared to enthusiastic and inquisitive, and is constantly looking up at me for direction and praise.  (Update, he just went on a long walk with two strangers (to him) and did a great job. I'm so proud ;-) He is very smart and food motivated so I think sky is the limit with training. He is not 100% potty trained yet, but is almost there.  I've trained him to go on an astroturf patch on my deck, uses pee pads when I'm gone, and likes peeing on all the things on our walks. He is one of three boy dogs in my house (I'm keeping his brother) gets along well with all.