Breed: Dachshund/ Terrier mix
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years old
Housebroken: In progress/ Terrier mix



Hannah is a sweet, quiet, cuddly lap dog who is very affectionate and loving with everyone she meets!   She LOVES food and will follow you anywhere if she sees it.  This will make her easy to train.  She gets along well with dogs we've introduced her to and she loves to run around and wrestle with my 12lb chihuahua.  While she likes playing, I would say she is low/medium energy dog and loves to curl up on the couch and nap just as much.  She is getting the hang of house training and when she's let out frequently, she doesn't have accidents.


She really is a great dog and will be an awesome companion for anyone who is lucky to adopt her!  The only thing I've seen that needs some work is that it seems like she's never been on a leash before. It will take some gentle training and confidence building to get her comfortable going on walks.  Other than that, she is an easy going, friendly dog who would be a great fit for most homes.