Breed: Terrier mix
Sex: Female
Age: 1-2 yeaars old
Housebroken: In progress



Lucy is a very sweet young terrier mix. She weighs about 27 pounds, and is the mother of little Bam Bam. We think that she will do great in and medium activity level of home. She loves to cuddle but she's also active.

From her Foster parent: 

Lucy is a complete love bug once she gets to know and trust you.  She LOVES to cuddle and have belly rubs and sleep on the bed.  We've been fostering her just about a month and she has really come into her own.  She was very cautious and somewhat anxious - scared to go outside, scared when walking past strangers, etc - but that has subsided almost entirely. Although she is still shy when meeting new people. She can be scared of large dogs, but seems to get along well with most small - medium dogs unless they are too aggressive.  She and my 10 lb terrier/chi mix have struck up quite a friendship and play very well together.  


At first she did not like the car, but she has gotten much more relaxed now about riding in it.  I think she just wasn't used to it. She does pretty well with loud urban noises, music, traffic sounds, etc.  My dog was a shivering panting mess hiding in the bathtub from the neighborhood fireworks after the Warriors won, and Lucy didn't even seem to notice.  


She does like to run around and play chase through the house when she gets bursts of energy but she is also very good at lounging around.  She does love to chew...I have a 12 and 14 year old so although we try not to leave stuff lying around, she still finds all kinds of interesting things which she enjoys "capturing" and taking out to the patio to chew.  Tupperware lids, makeup brushes, pencils, dirty underwear, flip flops, toilet paper rolls...stuffed animals.  We have been working on designating some dog safe chew toys as well as giving rawhide and bully sticks and she is doing better with that.  


I have french doors that open out to fully enclosed deck and back yard which I have just been keeping open.  She does like walks but still doesn't get that is the time she should be doing "her business" I have not had the time to work on training her around this and she still only wants to go to the bathroom in the back yard, preferably when no one is looking... 


She does ok on leash but does pull some when excited.  I expect in time once you form a solid bond she would do well off leash.  She is a good listener and wants to please.