The Marin Litter

Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund mix
Sex: Females
Age: 6 weeks old
Housebroken: In progress/Dachshund mix



Puppy Eleven

Given the choice between exploring and playing, Eleven will choose playing every time. While some of her sisters love to cruise around their foster home, discovering new things to see, Eleven is usually content right where she is, playing with a toy or whichever sister was closest to her. She's happiest when she's around her sisters, mother, or humans. 


Eleven uses her mouth for play and environmental exploration more than her sisters. This has caused her to be on the receiving end of a lot of squeals from her sisters, and warning nips from her mother, when she gets too mouthy during play. To encourage the continued development of Eleven's bite inhibition, I've been letting out a loud "Ouch!" when she does this with me, and I stop giving her attention. She's getting better, new adopters may need to continue this. 


Despite being the puppy in her litter who's had the most to learn about good manners when it comes to mouthing, she's been very passive about resources. Whether food and toys, Eleven will easily give up both if one of her sisters is being pushy it. 

Puppy Brienne



Puppy Lemon



Puppy Wednesday


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