Breed: French Bulldog
Sex: Female
Age: 9 years old
Housebroken: Yes



Pearl is a very sweet dog who loves her humans and would do best as an only dog where she doesn't have to compete for resources (mainly her favorite person) with a bigger female. She gets along well with other dogs on walks and at the dog park, but is sometimes stiff and anxious around certain dogs, especially bigger dogs or dogs she doesn't know. She doesn't play a lot but when she does she has a stiff playing style that our non-dominant, easy going male Boston Terrier doesn't mind at all. At doggy daycare she's usually aloof with the other dogs.


You wouldn't know she's 9 years old because she is always up for a walk- walking is when she's happiest. The rest of the time she's happy lazing around. She has decent recall off leash and hasn't wandered too far away on trails or at the beach. She absolutely loves to give kisses to her humans and to some of her doggie friends. She is a decent snuggler, preferring to be near her favorite human's legs or side. She's been allowed on our furniture and will jump up on the bed or sofa to be with her humans. 


Her favorite things are her walks, petting, being close to her humans, sunspots and a peanut butter-filled kong. Sometimes she chews on antlers, but usually isn't all that interested in toys. 


She deserves a home where she can be the center of the doggy universe with a person or people who have plenty of time to dote on her.