• Marie Macaspac

Love Stories: Toby

"We adopted Toby in January of 2019, just before the beginning of the pandemic. We already had one dog but knew we were looking for a laid back companion who could join us in the city at work on some days. Little did we know, we would be joining Toby as we worked for home for the next 18 months.

Toby established his place in our household very easily and had no trouble making himself comfortable in our other dog's bed, and our own. Toby, like many Bostons, insists on sleeping under the covers with his head on the pillow every night.

Though he's almost 10 now and has had some health issues over the last few months, Toby is still full of spunk and makes us laugh every day. We're so happy we made the choice to adopt Toby from Wonder Dog! Thank you! "

~ Emily

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