Sweet Potato

Pug Mix
8-10 years old

Sweet Potato Pie is the greatest! He will sleep and cuddle with you or goes happily into a crate for the night with no complaints.  He loves his cozy condo that I have set up for him but is also happy in bed snuggled under the covers.

He will follow you from room to room but is not too needy.   Once you settle in a room, he will find a dog bed or place to lie down while you do whatever you need to do. Totally house broken and will always eliminate when taken outside.  Doesn't need much exercise. He will go on walks but his short legs make it hard for him to catch up and he will take breaks. However, he does a two mile walk with no problem. Doesn't seem to care about toys much. Is happy to watch my dogs play with theirs but has no interest in joining in. Always come running when I whistle or say his name.  

He does fret a bit when left alone even with his canine foster siblings. This involves barking and some howling. We watch him on our Nest camera and he usually settles down in 15 minutes.   Took him a bit longer to settle down the first week but I think he gets better as he becomes more confident that we're coming back. He will settle down and sleep with random outbursts of crying himself back to sleep. It can be loud for such a little guy.  Other than that, he not a yapper or barker in the house with his humans. He just wants to hang with you and be your forever love!!

He was cat tested at the Animal House and there seemed to be no reaction. No bad reaction to other dogs or kids. He's a happy little fella who deserves the best home!   

If you would like more information on Potato or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.