Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund mix
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years old
Housebroken: Yes/Dachshund mix



From Ripley's Foster parent:


Ripley is the sweetest girl, and if I had the room, I'd keep her myself in a heartbeat. She is affectionate, polite and calm. She can be a bit shy with new people, but it doesn't take her very long to warm up. Her favorite thing to do is cuddle with you while you're on the sofa. Ripley is extremely bright, and because she's so eager to please, picks up new routines and rules very quickly. 


Ripley lived with another dog and cats. She was great with all prior to delivering her puppies. Once the puppies came, she got understandably defensive and territorial, but recently has begun to return to being more tolerant of them, and I suspect once she's away from her puppies, she'll be fine with both again. 


Sometimes when I've left the room Ripley was in to go to another part of the house, she would start barking, but will stop after a few minutes if ignored. I make a point not to acknowledge her right away when I walk into a room, or come home, and don't make a big production of coming or going, and that seems to be helping.


Just a few things to watch out for/work on: 


She will go through your trash if left alone with it in a reachable spot for her. 


She can be a bit clingy at times - like when you're sitting on the sofa. I've started working on the "Place" command with her, giving her her own special spot with a bed (away from the puppies) and teaching her to lay down there when she gets the command. If she starts getting clingy, I tell her to go to her place. 


Given Ripley's recent exposure to multiple new environments (shelter, then my house), and giving birth just 3 days after arriving at my house, she's doing remarkably well. I suspect once she's settled in to her new home, and her confidence is boosted, her clinginess will calm down. 

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