Rita Moreno

Breed: Pointer mix
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old
Housebroken: Yes



Rita Moreno is newly in from the island of Puerto Rico! She has a sweet personality and is eager to please, loyal, and relaxed. With one touch to the belly, she will eagerly  flip to her side and be the best cuddle buddy ever. However she needs work not wandering or bounding towards distractions (she's a fast, fast runner) and will need training on leash especially in unenclosed areas and streets. Rita Moreno is 3 years old and 30 pounds. She is fully house trained and once acquainted, sh is really playful with another dog in the household.


She will require an individual or family who is patient and is willing to work with her, socializing her with larger groups of dogs outside of her bonded circle of trust. The potential is so great. Already she has conquered the stairs, hiking, parks, beaches and walked with purpose excitedly. She seems "chill" but I found that she has tons of energy when she's ready. 


She does think it is okay to jump on furniture and puts her paws on the table at mealtimes. 


She enjoys bully sticks and chewy snacks. She is not a velcro dog and can occupy herself. She will also snuggle by you while watching TV or reading but she enjoys sleeping alone at night. 


Rita Moreno is a lovely dog with a sweet disposition. She needs a family that will unleash the energy within and live up to her namesake!