Breed: Chihuahua Dachshund Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years Old
Housebroken: Yes
Dogs: Maybe

Kids: Probably Not

Cats: Unkown


From her Foster Parent April 5, 2020: 

Stephanie is a super curious 9 pound chihuahua dachshund mix. Whenever we go on walks she likes to stop and look and smell EVERYTHING. She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet all she wants is love and cuddles. Stephanie is a super easy pup - she would be great with an older person too as she loves to hang by your side and is extremely loyal. She can fall asleep in .5 of a second and sleeps through the night. 

I don’t think she would be good with young kids. She is shy around anyone and pretty skittish - a toddler ran at her the other day and she barked (first time she has barked). She is curious around other dogs  - sometimes has her tail between her legs and other times she is sniffing and excited.

Recently she has been showing her personalities she lives to play around and chase after her toys and kibble  -  also when we workout she really likes to get involved and lick our faces.


Stephanie came into the shelter with a broken pelvis that was surgically repaired. She is recovering well.