Breed: Labrador retriever
Sex: Female
Age:  5-6 years
Housebroken: Yes

Dogs: Yes, but needs to live as only dog

Kids: No

Cats: unknown

Updated 9/16/2019


Sugar comes to us from a puppy mill/ hoarding case in the cental valley. She was found with 96 other dogs, 7 horses, and 12 feral cats. She most likely has had upwards of 8-10 litters of puppies in her lifetime. Her namesake comes from her being so sweet! Sugar loves going on long walks, cuddling just about anywhere, going on a car ride, and she is crazy about the dog park. Sugar loves all people and dogs, but we believe Sugar is best as an only dog with older children. Sugar will get very excited to see any human, and can and will knock a small child over out of excitement. 


Sugar loves other dogs and going to the dog park, but she can be possesive of her food. If another dog has a food bowl or treat she will forcefully obtain that bowl or treat, but her foster parent and WDR staff can grab a bone, a treat, and a food bowl from her and she does not mind. If the potential adopter does have another dog, they have to understand that


1) free-feeding is not allowed

2) if you want to give your dog(s) a bone or bully stick they have to be in separate rooms

3) if you leave your house you have to keep the dogs seperated as we do not know what can trigger Sugar's resource guarding, but we do not want Sugar locked up in a cage as she just spent 6 years doing that.


Toys do not seem to trigger her, but she grew up in an enviornment where she had to fight for all of her resources. There were only 2 instances of Sugar taking another pups food out of the 30 times she was eating with her foster siblings, but we would rather not risk it.


Besides that, we have not had any trouble with Sugar. She is extremely smart, we have been training her and working on sit, stay, lie down, and "go get it" so she knows when she can or can't get her treats or food bowl. She is a champion at sit, the other ones are still in progress. Sugar would be a great dog to bring to work as well, she would just lie by your feet. She has not had a single potty accident either! 

If you would like more information on Sugar or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.