Breed: Bichon/Poodle mix
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years old
Housebroken: Yes /Poodle mix



Suki is a tender little angel, who will repay you with endless kisses for your kindness. She is a bit shy around strangers, but warms up to visitors at her foster home after about 20 minutes. Due to her shyness around strangers, Suki would probably do best in a calm household that could include older children. Currently, Suki looks like a little lamb, but her coat is filling out and becoming fluffier all the time. We believe she is a Bichon/Poodle mix, no matter what she is, she is certainly adorable! Suki is approximately 2 years old, spayed, and is current on vaccinations. She did have to have a rear leg amputated, but is recovering well and moving around just fine. 


Suki is super chill and is just as happy frolicking and playing or curling up and watching the world. But her favorite thing, by far, is cuddling. She’s eager to please and wants to be with her people as often as they’ll have her. Likewise, while she’s willing to sleep somewhere nearby, she’s always excited to be invited into bed and will curl up with you all night and give you kisses in the morning (and all day- she’s a kisser.) She still gets very nervous around strangers, making city walks a challenge as she’ll stop and stare and/or hide any time someone is approaching, but she’s getting better slowly and responds well to patience and encouragement.


We are not sure how Suki is living with all dogs, but she definitely enjoys living with her foster family’s chill senior border collie, who she shadows around the house and on walks. When her foster sibling, the senior border collie, has dementia related anxiety Suki gives her kisses to help calm her, very sweet!