Sweet Pea

Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Male
Age:  7-9 years old
Housebroken: Yes, mostly


Sweet Pea is about 7-9 and weighs 13 pounds and is the sweetest little one you will ever meet.  I’ve had the pleasure of fostering him and he has blossomed from a very shy dog to a sweet curious polite dog.  He has been an absolute pleasure the entire time. 


He’s very dainty and springy. Loves everyone he meets - sweet to elderly, adults, teenagers, kids, toddlers (no infants in my current world), horses, big dogs, little dogs, interested in the goat (but the goat was too feisty).  He gets around well on the leash, does get tangled with my two but that’s not unusual.  Walks well in the city - prefers the quieter streets right now but once he becomes more familiar with street sounds he’ll be a champ.  Enjoys the city and the barn life.  He ate well with the group, really enjoys his food and takes treats gently.  He will walk up and down the stairs nicely and is learning to not ‘dart’ up the last few steps.  If the steps are really steep or large, I have carried him up those.  


He likes my two sweet old man dogs and was not deterred or mad when they did not want him next to them.  He can be feisty at times.  He is feeling more comfortable and relaxed and is showing some really fun play behavior.   


He sat nicely when I was putting on his hoodie/sweaters.  Loves to be spoiled, carried, snuggled, kissed and pet.  He will squeeze right up next two you as close as possible to do anything - watch TV, read, drive.  He loves to lay on top of pillows and will sink down through the bunch till he is lost in a pillow mountain.  He will also bury himself under the covers and then pop up to see you / say hello.  His own version of peekaboo.  Sleeps soundly through the night.  He will also let you know when he needs to go outside by standing very still and looking at you.

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