Breed: Terrier mix
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years old
Housebroken: Yes



Coco is 4 year old, neutered, vaccinated male terrier mix. He is a lovely, affectionate little fellow, thanks to his foster dad and the folks at Mr. Muggles Day Care. Coco does not like to be approached quickly or to be picked up by strangers. He can be protective of his food dish around other dogs. Apart from this you will find him to be a sweet and loyal little guy! A calm household where things are pretty routine and predictable will benefit Coco. This will help him feel more secure quickly, as he will adapt to the household routines. He would love to be with his "people" during the day.....  so perhaps someone who works from home?


We are not recommending Coco to a home with a lot of activity, or younger children.Coco has spent time in a home with cats, and will be ok in a cat-household. 

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