Breed: Terrier mix
Sex: Male
Age: 2-3 years old
Housebroken: Yes



Marty is a young adult, approximately 2-3 years old, male terrier/pug mix. Poor Marty was at the shelter for 2 months, where he was understandably scared in his surroundings. Now he is settling into his new foster home, and will start to bloom into his true personality as he realizes he is loved and in a safe environment. Like most young adult dogs, Marty will benefit greatly from regular walks, play and basic obedience training. He is vaccinated and will be neutered very soon.

Some new information about Marty from his foster home is that he loves to snuggle! He also likes to burrow under blankets. Marty definitely likes being outside, and goes bonkers when he gets leashed up for a walk. He has been okay with other dogs when he is on a walk. Also, Marty loves to play. Food is a bit of a different situation, he may have been fed mostly human food. Marty is a bit picky and will not eat dog food unless it’s wet food or dry food with some human food mixed in. Maybe a combination of dry food with some wet food will work for him as he becomes accustomed to it. As long as he is taken out to potty often enough, he does not mark in the house. 

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