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Love Stories: Gimli

My oldest daughter wanted her own dog.

She said that she’d work, and she’d pay on her own.

She had seen one, in particular, she knew had to be hers, and she began messaging Wonder Dog daily about him.

Gimli (previously Shaggy) had been pulled from a hoarding situation.

He was one of multiple parvo positive puppies, and one of only two that survived.

It was weeks of back and forth waiting to hear if he would become ours.

Weeks of obsessing over him, and looking again and again at his picture.

Only my husband was unsure.

Only he said “We don’t need another dog.”

Finally the day came when we found out he was ours, and my husband and daughter drove to get him. They always talk about the moment he came around the corner to greet them. He didn’t even know how to walk on a leash, and kept laying down and being pulled along.

Little did we know that would be life with this hilarious dog.

Us thinking he should do one thing.

Him doing something else altogether.

Kind of like his purpose in our home.

You see, we thought Gimli was for my daughter. He loved her fiercely while she was at home. But the years went on, and she grew and got married, leaving him here,

and that is when what Gimli came for really showed.

He started never leaving my husband.

The man who declared we “didn’t need one more dog.”

He lays in his lap at the end of a long day, waits by the door if he’s gone, and sleeps at his feet every night. Gimli cuddles you and looks into your eyes like he’d actually become part of you if he could.

My husband and Gimli are the only two boys here in a house full of girls, and it’s clear now that Gimli really came for my husband. We would need that other dog, after all.

He was actually his dog all along.

- Kerri Green

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